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Hiwire was established in 1992 as a software security firm while providing data to research companies in Singapore. One of the major projects during its early years was a turn-key project to develop an on-the-fly encryption program for the purpose of protecting classified data in MINDEF/ SAF.

In 1993, our first end-user product emerged- HomeBiz Information System. Till today, HomeBiz remains the only leading source of data for more than 800 companies that include Corporate Clients: AC Nielson SRS, Dun & Bradstreet, Citbank, OCBC, StarHub and not less than 3000 property agents.

Hiwire has since entrenched itself in the software-property market, serving more than 3000 active property agent users and 400 agencies. In the software-property industry, there are only a handful of software developers and Hiwire remains formidable with the addition of a new program called HomeLoan Analysis. This brought a new tool to the Industry as agents were better equipped by using computers, laptops or phones for calculation and presentation of the Financial Plan especially for HDB purchases with complex set of rules. In fact, even HDB bought our HDB financial software as a backup to their current system.

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